Although my graduation in BA(hons) Digital Film and Video from London South Bank University happened in July, I've only just got around to uploading the photos. Enjoy.

So here's what I devoted £25,000 and the last 3 years of my life to- wearing these Harry Potter robes and shaking some old man's hand.

A not so traditional proud parent photo, classic Dad though.

Cheers Dad.

The usual suspects dressed like twats to receive their handshake.

It was in St. Georges Cathedral.

Here's me shaking the old man's hand.
Rumour has it Trevor McDonald was going to do the handshaking, that would have been worth it.
As if I'm paying for this photo.

And now for the onslaught of cliche hat throwing photos.

Sneaking some disgusting free wine at the back.

Dad made the most of the opportunity and opted for a ham sandwich and a strawberry tart.

Daduation. hahaha

Chris Elliott, course director. Never did remember how to spell his surname.

Got pretty bored of doing this every 5 minutes.



After the graduation malarkey, we walked to Leicester Square Steak House. Not before Dad got some tourist shots, of course.

After my family went home, I went to see the Lion King with Matt and his family as he had a spare ticket.

No photos of course, but it was truly outstanding.

And here it is, the cheesy graduation shot. That graduation paper thingy was just a prop, I never even got one.

VERDICT: Go to university if you want to get drunk for free for 3 years but don't expect to learn anything.


My 21st Birthday

I recently made my extras TV career debut on Episode 2 of Season 4 of The IT Crowd.

Nicely positioned to be center of shot...

Back of my head, far right.

Side of my head, far left.

I also work full time at Madame Tussauds now as a 'Stores Operations Assistant'.

Canteen at lunch time when the World Cup was on.

Regents Park sometimes gets hit up at lunchtime too.

Here's Mitesh on the Stores and Retail night out.

The London eye is owned by Merlin, who also own Madame Tussauds.

Classic boring photos from the Eye.

Vishal's thinking pose.

The infamous empty 'Angel' pod...

Namco reserved area init...

Stores bowling competition, Alice 'Half-Strike' merked us all.

We watched the World Cup final in the Vue lounge thingy.

Adam had a bet on Holland to win, hahahaha.

Crazy Spaniards dancing in Leicester Square.

Even crazier Spaniards dancing in Trafalgar Square.

Check out that guys abnormally long neck.

Me and Chub went back to Leicester to celebrate me being alive for 21 years.

When I arrived home Dom was there, dressed as a pirate.

This was on Dad's birthday. Happy birthday Dad.

Team picture.

Shopping for my birthday food- Layla hugged this bread all the way round the store.


My birthday <)

Do the kids in Syston have nothing better to do?

I whacked Standardly Syston on the iPads in the Apple store, for some reason.

We saw Toy Story 3, it was fantastic.

Me and Layla on my birthday.

Lynsey got me this orange Blackberry cover. Thanks Lynsey.

Lets get this party started. In a vest.

I opted for the traditional cheesy sausage-on-a-stick garden party.

Party games.

Undertaker won every time, regardless of who was controlling him.

Triple H looking worse for wear...

Mum's homemade caterpillar cake.

Jonny McFirstslice had the first slice...

Basi was on holiday and couldn't make it, but he was there in spirit.

Football on DeVille park.

Craig, being Craig.

This dog was better than all of us.

Talmanizer action shot.

Dad was man of the match.

In the end we all gave up and got pissed.

Back in my garden Jonny managed to brandish a pirate hat.

Attack Attack squat.

'Pretend we're having fun'.

This is about as wild as it got- group photo Busted jump...

Thanks for coming everyone, I enjoyed it.

That balloon is still floating, 9 days later...

When I got back to London I discovered this on my cupboard, which was obviously printed out by one of my flatmates and worded to look like the cleaners had done it to disguise the fact it was my flatmates who threw away all my dirty plates and not the cleaners. In retaliation, I ate all their food, the fucking bastards.

My cards and balloon.

Ryuk from Deathnote <)

Donut pillow!

Oliver Jay Kerby rendezvoused with me at Shepard's Bush to watch Funeral For A Friend play music.

They played Casually Dressed... in it's entirety. Stoked!

Exactly a year after I got my drums, I managed to record over 3,000,000 individual hits on the pads. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

And to finish this ridiculously long post off, here's a weird photo from work. just the usual, really.

Not as weird as Adebayor's glass cube portrait in the gift shop. Ha.