Bursting Package

This sweet shop in Covent Garden has loads of classic Asian/American sweets.

I opted for the American extreme sports sponsor choice.

Can't get enough of this view.

New board/wheels/bearings.

I checked out Mile End with Basi.

Best park in London.

Ipswich Matt is now New Cross Matt.



This is pretty spooky.

Sam and co. were at the Rigg. For some reason.

We lost at pub crawl. Freshers- over it.

Back to Mile End with London noobs Callum and Talman.

Callum's halls are like an early Tony Hawk's level.

Whites Grounds is pretty shit.

A group of us met Marcus from Big Brother at the cinema. He was almost as irritating as the film we watched.

They must really be struggling for prizes over at Fun Land.

This guy provided a good 15 minutes of entertainment on the tube with his ridiculous denim and tracksuit bottoms get up- complete with bursting package.

Matt's gummy bear was taking a dump.

New student cards- old photo...

Me and Matt barricaded ourselves in Paul's toilet when he needed a shit. When we moved away from the door Paul barged through, swinging himself into the wall. Hahahaha.

I'll stop now.

Basi's Birthday in Camden.

Mine and Ollie's present.

Ross reps McLaren and NLT with the best of 'em.




Standardly Syston

This is what I've been doing all summer- filming 'Standardly Syston.'

'In keeping with the current surge of alliterated location skateboard representations, NLT present 'Standardly Syston'.

Featuring Sam Taylor, Suriyan Kanlaya, Jonny McManus, Sam North and the rest of the Syston locals.

Filmed and Edited by Phil McDonald.



Summer Part 3/3- The Finale

I dug out the legendary Flats and sold them on to Adam for a quick buck. I feel sorry for his neighbor.

This was funny, but tastes horrible.

Ipswich Ben- FS Shove Roundhill new-improved 4.

I had some progress with the broken mac- turns out I needed to format the new hard drive. Sorted!

Wilko, Jake, Callum's sweaty arse.

Most pointless cricket wickets ever.

This guy was on GMTV talking about being ugly. Surely wearing a paper bag will just attract more unwanted attention to your putrid mug?

Callum had a £20 voucher for the Hobby Horse, so we just got £20 worth of booze and cake.

Talman's 'year book.' Seriously? we're getting so American now.

'What next?' Future terrorist.
Midland sesh.

My street looking all arty farty.

My Grandad is the Tony Hawk of pigeon shows. Check out them earnings!

Poke poke.

Jonny's hygienic BBQ skills.

Receiving my 'dessert' next to Talman's was so awkward.

'Standardly Syston'- a 6 minute masterpiece will hit the net real soon.
This won't be in it, mind.

The infamous decking where Callum killed his Dad and buried him.
'You wouldn't understand!'
And we've never seen him since...

Paris AKA Syston's TK will feature on Standardly...

It seems Andy got there first.

Goodes Lane.

Old Billy Bates has got a new ride for the fair.

Dom preferred to stay on the tie-dye U.S Army truck.

This would eventually pop and make him cry...
£1 for the 'hall of mirrors'.
I won this prize on a darts game but left it in the bumper cars.

Adam got done over on these.

The only ride I went on. It lasted way too long.

The best part of the fair.

Mum's Fiesta held a TV, Xbox, laptop, speakers, 150 DVD's, a small chest of draws, a small wooden bedside table, all my clothes and shoes, my kitchen utensils and cutlery and an entire drum kit.

NLT Merc.

View from my new room back in McLaren. 6th floor, but the dreaded kitchen room.

Habitual trip into central.

Mum bought me a good fortune cat.

The form I have to fill in with things wrong with the flat was like a 2000 word essay.

The lift is broken. I live on the 6th floor! NOOOOOOO!

All fully moved in now.

And so that was my Summer- pretty uneventful really, I probably should've got a job.