Although my graduation in BA(hons) Digital Film and Video from London South Bank University happened in July, I've only just got around to uploading the photos. Enjoy.

So here's what I devoted £25,000 and the last 3 years of my life to- wearing these Harry Potter robes and shaking some old man's hand.

A not so traditional proud parent photo, classic Dad though.

Cheers Dad.

The usual suspects dressed like twats to receive their handshake.

It was in St. Georges Cathedral.

Here's me shaking the old man's hand.
Rumour has it Trevor McDonald was going to do the handshaking, that would have been worth it.
As if I'm paying for this photo.

And now for the onslaught of cliche hat throwing photos.

Sneaking some disgusting free wine at the back.

Dad made the most of the opportunity and opted for a ham sandwich and a strawberry tart.

Daduation. hahaha

Chris Elliott, course director. Never did remember how to spell his surname.

Got pretty bored of doing this every 5 minutes.



After the graduation malarkey, we walked to Leicester Square Steak House. Not before Dad got some tourist shots, of course.

After my family went home, I went to see the Lion King with Matt and his family as he had a spare ticket.

No photos of course, but it was truly outstanding.

And here it is, the cheesy graduation shot. That graduation paper thingy was just a prop, I never even got one.

VERDICT: Go to university if you want to get drunk for free for 3 years but don't expect to learn anything.