King of NLT Premiere Date

Make sure you head down to the Boardroom Skatepark on January 8th to watch the King of NLT video and witness the live final between Basi and Wilko.


King of NLT Finalisits

After some discrepancies in the voting of the King of NLT semi-finals, the rightful finalists are Tom Basi and James Wilkinson both with around 45 genuine votes.

Talman was on some George Bush shit and gathered around 90 votes, however only 20 were genuine. Jonny had about 12 actual votes and Clark got just 3 real votes.

So anyways, stay tuned for a premiere date to be announced real soon and the details of the final to be unveiled...


King of NLT Semi-Finalists

Make sure to vote for your favourite trick performed by our finalists at south bank.
The two with the most amount of votes will face each other in the ultimate final showdown, and you're all invited to watch...

Prem date and the details of the final to be announced in a week.


Four Gigs and a Church Paedo

Don't ask.

I was so pissed off when I did this.

Kez bought me a Mario mushroom keyring <)

Basi's new 'I'm-never-gonna-get-a-job' tattoos.

Ross ollied that rail. Then left.

Spot hunting around Westminster.

This was about the best thing we found, although I forgot where it was.


After failing miserably to find somewhere new to skate, Talman's pub suggestion came in handy.

My new salt and pepper pots!

Shaun of the Dead init.

Me and Matt saw Fightstar. It was good.

As it was Halloween, there was some weird chicken man on the tube home. We didn't dare take a better photo than this.


Moldy plums all round.

Myself, Matt and Talman tackled a KFC mega bucket. It was horrible.

We went to the Science museum to take photos of things we weren't supposed to.

I don't really see how this is Science.

This is the new 'X' crossing at Oxford Street. I was bitterly disappointed with it.

The South London Press never fails to amuse me.

Me and Kez saw 30 Seconds To Mars at the KoKo.

The 'set' for my Advanced independent Project 90 second film.

It's entitled 'Money Isn't Real' and will be online shortly.


Me and Talman went HMV to meet Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. That Angelos guy was there too.



This was the ticket for Five Finger Death Punch at Electric Ballroom. So budget.

Me and Tally 'old manned' it at the back with Gaymers and Red Stripe.

The following day, we saw motorhead at Hammersmith.

Although they practically had the same set list as last year, It was so much better. Maybe I appreciate Lemmy the older he gets. Like a fine wine...

Signed Motorhead drum skin!


Yes Shadwell!

I visited Kieren at the infamous Binnie Court.

This is his sink clogged with sick from eating too much fried chicken. Seriously.

No expense spared at Binnie Court.

Mudchute- Kieren's local.


Yes Shadwell.

KFC's mini variety box is so shit.

Is this where they film the One Show?

That spot.

London Bridge looking surprisingly sunny.

Toad is the latest addition to my action figure thingys.

Chinese takeaway buffet got rinsed.

More American chocolate from CyberCandy in Covent Garden.

Daa... DAAAAA!

Matt Hay?

This tasted exactly the same as standard Dr Pepper, only 3 times the price.

And so I have finally made a start with my dissertation. Treat.

This is what Matt's writing his dissertation on.


I found this on my floor and I have no idea where it came from. Should I be worried?