Everyone Loves a Slinky

Fightstar played at Islington Academy.

Brigade supported.

Fightstar were sick.

Bare sweaty people.

Next day, me, Basi and Kez went to Trocadero.

This sweet shop got merked up.

Bas played Marvel vs. Street Fighter. He lost...

I beat those two on a motorbike game, but then Bas won on this car one.

Air hockey went down. I beat Kez...

And I beat Basi.

I got bare tickets.

Worth it.

I got Dio, Motorhead and Slayer albums in Zavvi.

We also got free 'energy' drinks, which ironically suck every bit of energy we ever had anyway.


Have You Heard That Virtual Barber Shop Thing? Yet?

Ollie came Leicester with us!

We skated a sunny Vicky Park on arrival.

It's Basi's.

Ollie learned Willy Grinds.

Tourist shot at the infamous Vicky Park.

Beaver was in Casino buying a Quay board.

Yeah, I got the other one.

Checkin' the blogs.

This is on the bus through LE4.

Me and Ollie met the Humbo boys at Wreake.

There was no room, so Rich went in the boot, naturally.

Some vintage graffiti at Goscote.

We were here 'till it got dark.

Kieren messed his hand up.

I slept on my own floor while Ollie slept in my bed.

My Mum printed out a past blog photo of me. I hope she prints this one out too.

I would've well got this done.

Vicky sessions.


I went home and watched the Champion's League final.

Haha prick.

Bigger prick.

Typical shit Leicester news.

Vicky, again...

Bye Ollie!

This is the story of the Quay.

Callun drove us to Broughton. I don't rate it.

'Street ice cream.'

Here's Harry walking his human.

Talman close-up.

Matt's just too metal.

He gave me a ride home.

Next day me and Tally hit up the halfpipe.

Then we decided to go to the pub and have a 3-course meal.

Talman likes his steak bathed in blood.


These were really unnecessary.

We had to stop on the way home to let it all go down.

The following day I skateboarded at the Humberston skatepark facility.

Kieren English- Crab Walk.

'You deliberately disobeyed me Simba...'


Manny and Harry were watching TV.

Me and Basi met Callum and Talman in The Plough to watch the F1.

Road trip!

We had to stop off at Boardroom to get Ben's board.

I stocked up on squidgey burgers for the car.

Mike fell asleep.

Piss break.

Skegness was so windy.

The new Skeg plaza is amazing.

So tech.

Indoor is okay, it's no Boardroom though.

We decided to take a food break and see the sights, e.g a hotdog covering itself in tomato sauce.

The sea!

Coming from Leicester- the furthest distance in the UK from any sea, it's a blogable occasion.

Mike fell asleep again so we violated his breathing space.

Guinness in a John Smith's glass?!

Round 2.

Again, totally unnecessary.

I had an awesome seat with a great view on the train home.