The Limitations Are Endless

Me and Basi went to Ipswich for the weekend,


Classic 'this is where we are' shot.

We got taken to Ipswich's skatepark, which is sick.

Baker Baker.

These badboys run Ipswich.

Everyone has cars to drive to spots.

The first of many...

The spots where in unusual places, like this Bupa medical place.

Claim your tricks...

We broke into a school and played on all the toys.

Ben Swanson- Bunnyhop.

Dave ripped this gap-to-grind spot while everyone else rode tiny bikes.

Gorm got onto a few boardslides at this rail, and had a crazy slow motion bail.

Dave throwing a tre down the set.


Check out Ben's hideous shinner.

After the sesh we all hung out at Shandos and Robo's amazing flat.

I think they're hooked on Mountain Dew.

I ate shit all weekend, and this pizza tops all shit.

'Dicky Dyson aint shit!'

We walked down the road to the Cock and Pye.

Here's Matt ruining a nice picture.

Kebab's or 'keb's' as it is in Ipswich, got had up. Has anyone heard of burger sauce?

We watched the Mortal Kombat film.

Shandogg looked rough!

The next day...

I discovered the awesome upstairs bathroom.

See you soon Harry.

Gorm arrived with a packet of Jaffa Cakes.

Arty exterior Robo leaving his house shot.

Ipswich is quite nice.


We all met up and sat down at the skatepark.

First spot was this weird flatbar.

In Leicester this hideous stair set / gap over rubble wouldn't even be considered a spot.

'Tank Spot' was amazing.

We all just played on these abandoned tanks.

There were some home made boxes too.

Matt found a sledge hammer.

I won the 'gayest tank find' competition.

Pure Italian Job with 106's.

I thought it was just Leicester, but even people in Ipswich 'rep' their postcodes.

This rail spot was pretty good.

Ben drove back home.

Me and Bas went back to the park for a bit.

Bye Matt, thanks for having us!

We got on a rail replacement bus service because the trains were stopped.

It was practically a personal limo.

Awesome, I'm on my own blog.

We got off the bus to Bad-a-maningtree but the trains were still stopped, so we had to wait for another bus to Colchester to catch our train.

Still on the bus.

We finally made it on the train.

On a midnight Sainsbury's sesh we bumped into Brooksy.

Thanks Ipswich people, see you again soon!

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