Jah Bless Beer Worm

RIP Beer Worm.

This council guy was stoked on the new park rules sign.

Hairy catapillar number 2.

Burny and Basi were chillin' at the park.

Bavaria is awesome.

Goodes Lane must be well scary for pigeons to fly down.

Lynsey got new sofa's for her Birthday.

RIP Wilko gap, now it's a perfect 4 set.

Dannger piss.

Worst. Grip job. Ever.

Doig works in Somerfield.

So does Ryan.

Syston is really nice at 6.30am.

'Black G.'

We went back to the Spongebob factory for more work.

But this time was a boring dog magazine.

The Basi's.

I got paid to have a shit at work.

Fun fun fun.

As if anyone's ever going to buy this Tango.

Me and Wilko bumped into Edward in Town.

Talman got some coverage!

For having good results!

I went to Wilko's before going Redeemer.

This is the only photo I took, so look at Sam or Kim's blogs for whatever happened.


Avenged Sevenfold!

I went to see Avenged Sevenfold at the Kerrang Awards 'Week of Rock' at the ULU in London with Kez.

It was a tiny venue! This is 'Year Long Disaster' supporting, who wouldv'e suited Wolfmother or Queens of the Stoneage more.

I met Ollie and Lizzie there. Pure double date.

'Come back to meeeeee it's almost easy!'

M Shadows said that he might fuck his throat up at this gig right before their Reading and Leeds performances, but he didn't care because smaller venues are more fun. Avenged then cancelled their Reading performance.

Spanking the air.

Matt Tuck came one (Bullet For My Valentine) and sang a cover of Pantera's 'Walk'

They played 'A Little Piece of Heaven' as their encore, which is the most epic song ever.



My train home was horrible, delayed and detoured, took an hour to get to Bedford! Found this sick spot at the station though.

Replacement bus service to Kettering, chillin' at the back of course!

Stayed here for half an hour untill I fianlly got into Leicester, 3 hours after I got on the first train...


Results Day 2.0

It's been exactly a year since I started this blog. Here's me at last year's results day.
Oh how things change.

A year on, It's Kieren's turn to unveil his future from the dreaded brown envolope.


Kieren passed, he's finally going to Uni! Greenwhich in London to be precise.

Next is Talman's turn, for his first year results.


Three A's and a B in Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry!

Happy Talman.

Kim and Bhav passed too.

We went pub to celebrate.

The crappy child graffiti is slowly compiling at the park.

True dat.

Adam got his first ever legitimate trick and photo!
Adam- Rock Fakie.

I went to some RAF barracks place for a family BBQ.

You have to get your photo taken to get in and everything!

Happy Birthday Poozanne.

Auntie Evelyn reppin' the marshmallows-on-a-stick.

First Beebies, then graffiti, now it's just full on boozing.

Perhaps one too many drinks Dom...

Adam made sure to pick the iciest piece of Birthday cake.

Crazy RAF plane on a stick!

Check the guy in the background with a full on machine gun or something.

White Lloyd was at the park in the evening.

I saw Burny on he way home. I forgot to rotate this picture though.

One year of blogging down, two to go!