Back to London!

Me and Callum it up the Syston halfpipe before it gets forgotten about in the path of the new syston skatepark.

Me- Ride over the ripped out ply.
Fat Cal- 5-0

Me again- Another side rock.

Callumeth- Boneless.

Arry said he was trying to bring the word 'hench' into fashion.

Dominik was mean mugging.


One for the MySpace skateboarding folder- Callum FS Smith.

Baaaaaad sky.

The daily skatepark check.

Me and Cal watched the still unreleased, unseen NLT King Of Lesta 2007- exactly a year rom when it was filmed.

The park is frontpage news in the shitty free paper that goes around Syston.

I can't believe Alice Trewick was in it! Actually I can, It's the shitty Syston free paper.

Next day me and Basi got the train to London.

Ahh it's good to be back.

We collected our first year coursework.


This was an emotional return.

We also hit up the best spot in London- Kennington.
Basi- Blunt revert.

Basi's amazing photgraphy- Me 5-0.

Me- Fullcab Rock n' Roll.

Arty pretend gray-scale.

Basi- FS Slasher!

We didn't think it was necessary to skate anywhere else in London.

Classic 'back in Leicester' photo.

We ended the day in the Midland, of course.

Some crazy horse and carriage man!

Adam was making the first ever NLT deck!


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