Disneyland Badman

For some reason myself and Kez were sat in first class with a load of businessmen and had a two-course breakfast.

At 7.30am, we weren't gonna question it.

You can guess how long 'I'm gonna do uni work on the train' lasted...

Disneyland, yay.

This was our lumberjack cabin-themed hotel.

A three day weekend at Disneyland Paris was Kez's 18th Birthday present from her Mum, by the way.

The actual good bit of Disneyland wasn't open 'till the next day, so this is the 'village.'

They had a fat Disney shop.

Is this even Disney related?

We had a meal at 'King Ludwig's Castle.'

I hope nobody saw me taking photos of my food.

this was the equivalent to £7. EACH.

Recess 24/7.

Buffet breakfast got rinsed.

Gotta get J-Mac down here for this sick gap.

If you look up 'Disneyland' in the dictionary, it's just this picture.

We queued in 6 different queues to get in. (seriously.)

That classic castle.

Yeah Eeyore.

Soppy tourist couple photo.

This is Agraba, where Aladin lives. Apparently.

You can guess where this ended...

Pirates of the Caribbean.

More photos of the classic castle.

How awkward would you feel going to the job interview to be 'Sleeping Beauty'? This woman well wasn't beautiful. Well, she was alright...

Eric and Aerial. And someone else's kid.

Me and a plastic statue of Lumiere.

This was probably my favorite part of Disneyland.


Yeah Simba.

Video of the Circle of Life.

Does anyone really like Timoon?

'Prepare for senSAAAAA-tional news!'

Mufassa and that Baboon thing,

My amazing action shot of Simba and Scar's epic fight at the end.

Another tourist couple moment.

Of course we had to witness one of these Disney parade things.

Classic boring characters.

The Toy Story float was well good.

This was my favorite one- the bad guys!

Lion King. Shouldn't Simba have died by now and took his place in the circle of life?

Jungle Book.

Toy Story green army men!

Aerial 'magically' turned back into a mermaid. I began to get a little suspicious that it wasn't really her...

I never knew Santa was French.

Back at the hotel we discovered the mini bar. This mini Jack was about £10!

This woman was so irritating.


Day 2.

We got up at 7am to get in an hour before non-hotel people.

Being early bought us more time to get silly photos like this one.

We practically ran to the Buzz Lightyear ride.

Basically you sat in a car thing that you can rotate yourself and you have to shoot aliens and Zurg etc. Kez was on the left, as you can see.

Awesome- I was a Heros Galactique!

You could buy a photo for 1 million euros, but I took a photo of the photo.


The man who's family is stinking filthy rich- Walt Disney.

Me with the all time greatest Disney character of all time- the magic mop thingy.

Kez and some French man in a suit. Er, I mean Goofy...

This was in Disney Studios- more to do with the films instead of loads of rides.

I learnt to draw Mickey Mouse.

Those things from Monsters inc.


There was a person inside Sulley, Mike was actually just a statue though.

I needed a piss so bad in the queue for this Nemo ride. I didn't even enjoy it, I just tried not to piss myself.

Daisy and Minnie are so fit.

Classic fake water thingy. What even is this pretending to be?

This is on my wall right now.

This was some car stunt show. It wouldv'e been alright but it was bloody freezing.

Some guy is falling off a building on the right.

This is the actual Herby car. Great.

Too early on the bike jump...

Apparently if this guy breathes in whilst on fire he would die. A better thing to do would be not to set yourself on fire in the first place.

Some stage show with Donald in it.

Planet bad-a-man.


I had my 'pulling' shirt on.

I decided to try the local cuisine- half a chicken, FRENCH fries and some stringy carrots.

The train home was in standard common scum class with screaming kids for 4 hours.

These Lays turned back into Walkers whe we got onto the English side of the tunnel.

St P's.

Back at the flat I gave everyone their presents.
Basi- Disney lighter.

Ollie- Disney keyring-turned-into-a-necklace.

Matt- a little plate thingy.

That was like a month ago but I only just got round to doing it.