Drinking Jager With Trivium. Seriously.

Okay so here I am at the tiny London Borderline venue, which is literally just a bar underground. And Trivium are playing.

Somehow I got a ticket even though it's strictly fan club members and invite only.

I ain't complaining.

The stage was tiny, people were head banging into their guitars an' shit.

I know these pictures are all pretty similar, but I know Talman's gonna be well jealous.

Wait until he sees all the videos I took on my YouTube account showing just how close I was, and also including a Lil Jon cover and an on stage marriage proposal! Check them all out HERE.

As well as getting naked, Matt was chillin' wearing Adidas shorts.

After the show I bumped into Corey at the bar. Bit of a shit picture but it's proof!

I also met Paulo after the show. I look like a nonce but it's proof!

Apparently this was a VIP karaoke after party for Roadrunner Record's Christmas party and I was supposed to have left by now.

Corey shredding.

He was pretty drunk.

Check this video of Matt having a shot of Jager on stage while playing a Metallica cover- so metal...

After the after party I definitley wasn't supposed to be there, everyone else was from magazines or record labels and had VIP wristbands. I befriended the editors from FRONT magazine.

They introduced me to some assistant manager of Roadrunner records (who bought me a shot which I drank with Corey and other important people.) Then she introduced me to none other than...

Matt Heafy backstage! With free beer and metal horns galore!
We talked about shoes and Call Of Duty 4. So stoked!

Now I have two 2000 word essays to do for tomorrow. Who gives a fuck, I was drinking with Trivium at Roadrunner's Christmas party!

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