We Are Motorhead, And We Play rock n' Roll!

This guy got busted for parking at the out of order bus stop.

Patrick gave us some feedback on our documentary.

Ah yes, Gordon Street...
All Christmassy now, kind of.

Adam taught me how to make potato wedgies.
Me and Matt skived lectures to go buy Playstation and Xbox games...
I got Smackdown Vs. Raw 2009, of course.
I made Basi.
Uncanny, isn't it?
Talman brought me a bag of goodies down with him from Leicester.

The bag being a goody itself, my new Lowepro camera bag, along with new Spitfire Firelite wheels, my Trivium ticket and 3 bog rolls.
Not to mention my new long sleeved Edvard Munch 'Scream' T-shirt.
Basi was mopping like a sap.
Happy Birthday Jay.

Some trampy pigeons.
Kennington- for old times sake.
Talman got a trick at Oxford Street road gap.
Hammersmith Apollo, for Motorhead!
Saxon supported, they're bare old.
This guy had one of those double guitars.

Saxon were good. A new 'slower' song they played sounded awesome.


'Fuck Elvis, LEMMY is the king of Rock n' Roll.'

Lemmy sounded so gravelly- fantastic.

Talman's NTB section music!
'Killed by death!... Killed by death!'

Micky Dee drum solo.

These are all three-quarter naked women blowing fire out of their mouths.

It was the most metal thing I have ever witnessed.

It left nothing to the imagination.

Fire breathing women surrounding Lemmy.

All the classics were played- Iron Fist, Bomber, Killed by Death, Ace of Spades and of course- Overkill!

Lemmy got all Steve Harris at the end.
Amazing gig, one of the best I've been to.
My ears are still ringing...
Lucky bastard.


Our Gradual Decline of Distance From The Front at Bullet For My Valentine

It was at Alexandra Palace. The show was being filmed for a DVD.

Lacuna Coil supported.

They did a cover of 'Enjoy The Silence' by Depeche mode, for some reason.

Bullet, yay.

Because Kez is so small we decided to mover further and further back to get a decent view.

'Hearts Burst Into Fire' intro.

'Hearts Burst...' chorus.

The further back we got the older/fatter the fans were.

I finally got a photo of the pyrotechnic stuff they were doing throughout the whole gig on the way out.

When I got back to the flat me and Basi thought it would be a good idea to watch every NLT production ever back to back.

We hate NLT now.