Bullet for my Spectacles

I went back to Leicester for the Easter holidays.

Me and Jonny went skateboarding.


Wilko was on a Wreake ting.

The batteries ran out so we charged them up inside.

As if.

Braunstone, Sam about to do a front tail.

After an unproductive 2 weeks in Leicester, I returned to London to shoot my final year film with Matt. This was our equipment.

On set- Kez's house.

Everything running smoothly...

Until the 'bin incident'.

The dolly was so shit, it the tripod couldn't go as low as we wanted so we just used an upside down bin.

Ray to the rescue...

...to angle grind our murder weapon in half.

Editing suites in uni are pretty good.

Classic boring sunset view from my window.

Classic LSBU toilet graffiti.

Me and Matt went to watch the Marathon again.

'I think i'll do it in a lion suit this time...'

This awesome brass band were playing somewhere throughout.

The best South Bank statue thingy I have seen in a long time.

This was the time we got accidentally drunk at Josiah's.

Awesome dogs/bears.

I was lucky enough to see Bullet for my Valentine for free at their secret show.

I got moshed up in the first song and lost my glasses. A proper Velma moment.

Lenses are gone.

So, off to Vision Express to pay an unnecessary £220 for a new pair.

Got a cool eye scan though. Cool.

Ta da.