Burke & Hare

Talman's entire wardrobe is on sale in HMV.

This was before it snowed everyday for 3 weeks when it was all new and exciting.

This is the only photo I have from the 'King of NLT' premiere. Oops.

My brand new shiny Niece- Layla.

Thanks for driving me back to London Mum.

Anyone claiming a siderock?

Not me, it's ridiculous to skate.


Me and Matt got a signed Peter Serafinowicz Tottenham calender for Talman.

Me and Matt also went to the Imperial War Museum. Twice.

Some crackhead came up to me and Josiah outside Iceland and asked us 'if shopping should be banned?'
Of course it shouldn't, you greazy bastard.

This is Diagon Alley.

It really is. The shop where the Leaky Cauldron should be is conveniently shut and 'for rent'. Sureeeee....

Me and Kez saw You Me At Six at HMV.

Might as well get the old album signed.

To make up for my gay You Me At Six antics, me and Talman went to see Lamb Of God.

This is my costume for the film I'm an extra in- Burke & Hare. It's directed by John Landis, starring Simon Pegg, Ronnie Corbet, Bill Bailey, Tim Curry and loads of other famous people.

Matt's costume was well better than mine.


Paul's hair style changed everyday. This is my favourite.

Classic bus from 'Extras'!

Here's Keith in the driver's seat.

This was the main set where we spent 3 days. It's an 1828 market place set in Edinburgh. It was actually in Sevenoaks, Kent.

This horse was shitting everywhere.

Simon Pegg gets hanged. Sorry for spoiling the film for you.

By day 3 I resorted to pretending to go to the toilet but really just taking photos of myself in the mirror.

Waterloo Station at 4:30am. Yeah, really long hours.

This was at some theatre near Tower Bridge.

Cheers Matt.

The last day of filming was in Osterley House...

...Which is where I got my hair tampered with by 'the girl with the face'.

More Tom Foolery.

Osterley Park has swans.

£550 for 6 days of standing around pretending to cheer and boo isn't bad at all.