My First Skate In 5 Weeks For No Good Reason

A classic.

LSBU toilet graffiti.

Everyone went Nandos in celebration of finishing the second year of uni.

I poppoed down to Monaco to watch the F1.

King Leonidas is the latest addition to my badman figure collection.

I'm still looking for a Jean-Luc Picard one.

Some shit went down on that dangerous roundabout outside McLaren.

Basi pretending to do a Nosegrind.

This is more realistic.

He skated straight into the little ledge where his board is in this photo- ha!

The only thing I can do at Kennington- carve.

I checked out Bay 66 for the first time today.

It's worth going for the mini ramp alone.

Ollie- Cannonball.


Kickflip Melon?!

Me- shoddy 5-0.

Ollie Feebs.

Special move- Pop Shove Rock 'n Roll!

Ollie killed the vert wall.

Serious, that things massive. Tony Hawk'n that are badmen.


Rechargable Cars

Most student halls get proper window cleaners. We get a wet brush on a really long stick.

Nothing out of the ordinary for our flat.

The skate fridge is coming along nicely.

Basi dared me to get this. Tastes like metal.

Basi asked a stupid long question and held the essay queue up.

The following photos are stolen off Barry's Facebook, where Basi 'untagged' himself 'cause he looks like a mug.

It was Josiah's Birthday, this is at Fabric. WELL expensive.

On yer own...

Anime Matt and Barry.

Proper band portraits!

I found a shop in London that sells Desperados!

Cooking isn't really a priority at this late stage of uni life.

Only in the South Bank library would you find this.


I watched Man U win the Premiership with Ariyan in the pub over the road from halls.

'777- the neighbor of the beast.'

Finished all my essays, just got one exam to do then I'm done for the year!


Is There Life After Scrabble?

This is our Year 2 short film for my uni course.

Screenplay by Paul Blayney & Myself
Produced by Meryem Ulger
Directed by Paul Blayney
Filmed by Matthew Gallagher
Edited by Myself
Sound by All

Richard Albrecht
Barbara Kerby
Ray Blayney