Jonny McMuffin

My new toys- Zoidberg, Skeletrino and Mr Toast.

Talman chillin' on the bean-bagged balcony of the Grand Union.

Look at these cosmopolitan twats queuing for iPads.

The Gaylord Restaurant.

Me and Kez went to the Anime convention at the ExCel centre. It was full of weirdos playing Digi-go-ball-mon cards.

We were the only normal people there.

The guy behind me kept shouting 'Fake! This is sooo fake!' Yes. We know.

The bad guy cheated and won so I booed him.

We had noodles for dinner to fit the theme.

This guy gets bullied for 364 days of the year but is cherished by all when he wears this ridiculous costume at the annual Anime convention.

I bought a Lord Farquad mascot figure- the guy who runs away from Shrek with the big head on and Shrek just walks through the barriers? Yeah, but I didn't take a photo. Its amazing though, trust.

Fat dickhead.

Jonny McMuffin came round for a 3 day weekend to begin filming for the new NLT video.

As usual, this spot got the better of us.

Old King of NLT DVD's are being left around London now.

Jonny Rebel.

Jason and Toby in Spoons.

We went to see the UK premiere of Macho Taildrop. I wanted to like it, but didn't. It sucked. John Rattray and Rick McCrank were in it though, and did a Q&A afterward. As we were leaving, we discovered we were sat directly in front of Ed Templeton the entire time :|

After a 6 month hiatus, Jay is officially back at McLaren!

What is with these people?

Josh sessioning the new spot.

So I finally got Skate 3 and mad Syston.

It was so good I decided to go back to Syston and skate it in real life.

I won a fiver!

Layla was sleeping :|

'Lamb Of God'

Oh dear.

Lynz and Mumz.

Like Uncle like Niece.



Boring family shots.

Check out Mum's new soccer mom car!

Complete with borderline incorrectly perceived racist England flags for the World Cup.

Me and Lynsey got Mum a Download ticket to see Aerosmith, Motorhead, Billy Idol, Slash and Saxon! Don't worry, her friend T is going with her :)