A Morbid Christmas

This is art, apparently.

I escorted Kez to the Tate Britain for something to do with her college. I browsed the galleries.

Classic council skatepark near Kez's house on the way to the cinema.

The mini doesn't look too bad.

If I had those shoes, I'd probably leave them there too.

Matt agreed to rinse his mouth out with the contents of this ash tray for £20. If you are willing to donate £1 to this worthy cause, please get in touch. Seriously.

I got a copy of Square One. It's fantastic. Buy one.

I got in the lift and saw Ariyan eating pasta from a pot.

This was the month where I didn't go food shopping because I was going back to Leicester 'soon'.

FIFA tournament. £1 to enter, winner takes all.

I merked josiah in round one, Tally went through, as did Ross and Paul.

Here's Ross about to beat Callum 1-0 in a last minute headed goal.

Callum, down and out in the first round. Giving it the big talk on Facebook, internet badman.

After beating Ross I pummeled Paul in the final 5-0.

Kerrching! Easiest £7 I ever made.


Matt's back in Northen Ireland now, drinking Guinness and harvesting potatoes.
Ter te ter te ter...

Suprise pancake keyring.

Kez came back to Leicester with me for a bit over Christmas.
This shit was a nightmare on the train...

Ah Syston skatepark. I've been back for over 2 weeks and it still hasn't been dry...

You need this- £5 in HMV!

Callum Downs.


This is actually on fire like they do in the adverts. We've never done it before, and we never will again. It was shit.

A rightfully uneaten brussel.

Our morbid Christmas decorations.

I got this for my Mum.

I finally got a Mr. Potato Head! I hope it moves around and gets really pissed off when I'm not there.

New set-up!

Stoked on this.

Me and Callum went on a date to Bradgate Park on Boxing day.

Old Badaman.

Callum, you could've waited 'till we got home...

Pro kite flying stance.

Midland for Wilko's birthday.

I didn't take a photo of Wilko though.

My phone camera is really shit...

...Good job I bought this badboy then aint it!