Ozzy Osbourne and a Pissed Wasp

We nearly got caught stealing mugs in the Chamber of Secrets.

'South London Press' is so grimey.

Speaking of grimey, this is where Kieren lives...

Beef and chicken salami?!

The Prince of Darkness was at HMV signing his book.

We didn't meet him, but breathing the same air was good enough.

Facedown at the Scala.

Don't know who this is, what a loser.

Kieren stayed at mine to play Left 4 Dead all night.


'I'm the pod! THE POD! HAHAHA!!!'

RIP Liverpool Street benches.

When a spot dies, a new one is born.

I betrayed Mama's and went to Marie's for breakfast. It was horrible and was served by rude, ignorant Thai women.

I offered Matt £10 if he crawled across the road in the road on all fours. He was seriously contemplating it...


Who would ever buy half a pumpkin?

Basi tried to give himself a tattoo. It didn't work.

I was Toad, obviously.

This fake rollercoaster thing got well old and made me feel sick.

Stoked on 100 tickets at Funland!


New Standardly Syston badges!

I went back to Leicester with Kez to look at DMU's open day.

To save you time, this is the best piece of art they have there.

Some halls, well better than shitty McLaren.

Pub sesh- Jonny OAP.

I brought these films back to London to write some of my Dissertation on.

This is actually Basi's new tattoo.

Switch FS Lip aint it.