Back In Lesta Uncle Festa

This is Basi's usual morning get-up.

We met up with Kieren and headed to St. Pauls.

Sam was there already.

This beats any other squirrel blog photo.

Whites Grounds piss stop.

These chicken stops occur at the end of the week when we run out of shopping.

Here's Basi on a girly shopping spree.

I bought this amazing squidgey mushroom pillow.

We got lost in some posh shopping area around Bond Street.

When we got home I played with squidgey mushroom.

It's always refreshing to see a newly filled fridge.

I keep these badboys in my room- they'd get jacked in the kitchen!

Basi 'accidentally' bought Lil Wayne's new album on iTunes.

Uni toilets are great.

Brooksy and his classic blog face came round.

More 'research' on the street performers.

It's reading week at uni, which is basically half term. I went back to Leicester.

Me, Nephew, Mum.

Adam, Tony Cevantes.

'Double Cheeseburger' flavoured Pizza?

Mel hustled me EA Skate for a fiver down Syston park.

The classic skatepark graffiti is coming along nicely.

This is amazing.

Old NLT rider Dom pulled this 5-0 out the bag.

Current NLT rider Callum pulled this nosegrind out the bag.

Mel- Fakie 50-50.

Later that night me and my Dad went to the Shed to see his Cousin's band- March To The Grave.

'I'm Too Fat' and 'We're Crap' were my favorite songs.

Another skatepark session commenced the following morning.

Wilko- Switch cripple grind.

We went into town for a filming mission.

Wilko did this skateboard trick at the Quay.

Every table on the train home had just one person on it.

Three days in a row at the park? Rain was inevitable really...

...Therefore we played Pokemon on Wii at Wilko's.

Fire type were are Pokemon of choice.
This Lickitung stood no chance.
After two hours of Pokemon, we decided to watch SpongeBob.

How horrific is this for it's target audience of little children?!

To end my week in Leicester, we had a good 'ol Midland sesh.

Guinness Red is the more or less the same as normal Guinness, cost 20p more and is slightly worse.
Talman had this sickening hairy pork scratching.
Pub crew- I lost at pool. Twice.
I had one last skate at the park on the morning of my departure.

Check out this camouflaged car.
It's nice to see Leicester has really gotten into the Christmas spirit this year.
We went Casino and I bought a magazine but I didn't take a photo, so here's us in McBadmans.
My pathetic excuse for a window on the train home.
Basi was happy to see me.