Basi's New Tattoo

We watched The Shining in lectures for an example of the 'invisible observer' technique. (Or some shit.)

Da eye.

First skate at SB since we moved back to London!

I headed to Brixton on my own...

To meet these at Stockwell.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Simps was there!

'It's the worlds biggest crisp! Just don't bite it, just don't bite it...'

I took my dirty pants to Kez's and made her wash them.

MC Laren had a fire alarm.

Perfect time to get a good washing machine before the crowd...

Me, Bas and Ollie went back to Stockwell.

Ollie- Rock and Roll.

Ollie- 5-0.

We're making a short documentary on these silver people on the South Bank.
This invisible guy isn't actually in his costume.

This guy agreed to be in our documentary if we helped him with his act.

We're still in the process of recruiting people for it.

It'll be online in December.

Jake now lives in London too, don't you?

We skated all day and he now has officially more footage than Basi.

Antony uses our microwave and eats these burgers everyday without fail.

Next few photos courtesy of Beth- The drinking game night!
(Yeah, the night where I sort of pissed myself and was sick on my bedroom floor and the fire alarm went off at 7.30am the following morning.)

No idea.

These glasses got the usual rounds.

I fully regret that night.

Was fun though!

I met up with Jake again at White Grounds.

He ripped his favorite jeans!

Jake refuses to use public transport...

I had to skate all the way to Liverpool Street with him.

Check out Jake's crate coffee table.

After a swift change of trousers I showed Jake to his local spot- the diving board benches.

Back at the flat, Basi got new tattoo's!
The first one is his Guinness harp on his wrist.

Second is his skateboard through the heart NLT one!

Basi agreed to wash all my dishes if I gave him this Philadelphia and lettuce toast.

You might want to calm it down a bit Basi, try going to a few of your lectures eh?

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