Jenga, Dragonforce and Expensice Ice Cream

We bought Paul's old sofa off him for the kitchen.

Some gay roller blade club passed by the South Bank.


Me and Matt found a pub called 'Chandos.' We'll have to take him for a drink there one time.

I hate this sweet shop.

This game was a con.

Matt played a game where you have to beat yourself up.

I got NLT on the leader board of Super Bikes, represent!

The Leicester Arms.

I bought this French poetic documentary on the Holocaust. I'm a proper film student now.

Ollie wasted his money on a tiny Pizza Hut Express.

Mine was well spent on the best album of 2008, perhaps the best album of the 21st century so far.

Jenga is the new flat fave.

Our game got really intense.

I lost.

This is now the view from my bedroom window.

Im actually in week 3 now, but this photo was last week.

There's lots of gangster graffiti at the back of the lecture hall.

But don't worry, I'm still reppin' my city.

I hate it when this happens.

I saw Kirk Hammett on the tube.

Dragonforce at the Astoria!

I met Ben there who came straight from Leicester.

They're awesome live, perhaps a little 'too much' to play for two hours though.

We got there pretty late so we had kinda shit places.

The screen at the back was good. Not the best gig I've been too but no way was it the worst.

We had a drink at the Intrepid Fox (metal pub) afterwards. There were no seats so we sat on the floor in the corner.

The commencing morning I met Kieren and John at Kennington.

Kieren- FS 5-0.

We did a bit of sightseeing since it was John's first trip to London.

One for the Myspace?

John- FS 50-50 the infamous crumbly Westminster ledges.

I got FIFA 09 too.

See any similarities?

Me, Basi and Matt went for a meal in Southwark.

The food was nice for a good price, but Matt's two ice cream scoops with a leaf were a steep £4.

Shopping! The fridge has never been so full.

Kieren came round. We played Jenga.

I won.

(This was a week ago but it's at the end of the blog because Matt blogged it.)

This is Belushi's.

Da gang.

Toby and me.

Antony and Ollie destroying the dance floor.

Back at Mclaren- Ollie destroys ears.

Yes, it's that song.

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