Black Shits All Round

I beat Basi on the daily at SKATE.

We went spot searching around London. It got all 28 Days Later on us...

Bob Burnquist on an Aero Advert. Whatever next...

We came across Chancery Lane rail.

Then Basi forced me to go Camden with him.

On a much better day later in the week, I met up with Sam and skated Peckham bowl.

Sam- Rock horns Slash.

Basi signed his life away at Prick's tattoos.

The place with awesome 90's toys everywhere.


I be reppin' my new city.

I finally got a new mattress- So good

It doesn't get more Irish than this- Matt drinking Guinness on St Patrick's Day.



Natural Bad-a-Man Museum

South Bank would totally suck on University Challenge and none of our students are even worth of Paxman's presence.

I finally did the first Neorealism essay- stoked!

We skived a lecture but made ourselves feel less like scumbags by going to the Natural History Museum.

Josiah is the guest blogger today, as his camera phone is much better than mine.

Diplodocus was a bad-a-dinosaur.

Triceratops was the don on herbivores.

No idea what that is.

Fake T-Rex.


Fuck knows.

Some well boring unimpressive dinosaur.

Triceratops skull.

There was a big build up to the T-Rex skeleton behind a massive screen. When we got there it was this well shit robot T-Rex. So gay.

Genuine T-Rex skull though.

Those things at the start of Ice Age.

Novelty tiny monkey with massive arms skeleton.

So that's how all the dinosaurs died...

There was a non-extinct section of the museum too.

Massive whale.


It's amazing how they get the animals to stay so still.

Actual whale skeleton.

Some Monkey.


A Bear doing 'the arms.'

Hairy frog.

Those things that spit on the fat guy in Jurassic Park.

Apparently i'm not as clever as a dolphin.

Darwin was chillin'.

I would.

Massive tree trunk width.

'Fuck off a minute- Royalalberthall?'

That skate spot. I think Danny Brady does something on it in his Lost and Found part?

Check my museum souvenir...