Pancake Day

I think going out to specifically buy ingredients for pancakes defeats the whole objective of the day, but that is what we did.

Adam was the designated whisker.

Pancakes yay!

Nice one Ollie.


Again, I found Basi fully clothed in the morning.

Check out this bad-a-man.

Kennington got had up.

Basi's noseblunts weren't as good this time around.

This ollie was sick though.

Small world- we bumped into Beaver and Dwayne at Elephant spot.

This is extremely funny, but just doesn't make sense. No dream is too fat and dead?

We used the remainder of Ollie's squirty cream to produce a cock on the kitchen window.

We whipped the SingStar out later that week...

Check out Kieren's new hair!

We met Beaver, Dwayne, Sam and Sheffield Joe at Elephant.

After much timewasting, me and Kieren decided to skank and venture into Central London.
Kieren- FS Lip.

The latter stages of a FS Lip.

Noseslide shove.

This would have been a perfect Phil Boardslide spot.

Kieren getting back on the rails- FS Board.

We had a spot search and came across this old Chestnut of a rail.

10 set.

Random ollie down a 7 set.

The rest of London was plagued with gays on bikes.


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