'Cloud' Premiere

Heres me and Kez on our way to Boardroom.

There was a huge gathering of majateys outside.

Sam got blogging with his new toy.

Callum didn't come alone this time... get it?

Talman came with Arry, stoked.

Ben was nursing some Amarula, whilst Clark sat nervously clenching a Magners.

Theres nothing wrong with the love between 3 men.

Ant, Kieran, Mel, Fae, Dan and... er, their friend.

Mel's fro is huge now.

People gathering on the mini.

Talman easily had the best part.

John was looking fresh.

A very colour co-ordinated Jake.

Mr. Nose-wheelie-nollie-heely.

Jonny was NLT pimped out to the max.

'Let me have a picture with Jonny before his part.'

Ah, the big screen.

If you look closely, Basi was giving props to anything and everything, in every picture.

I could've pure robbed everyone at this point.

Surely this was taken in Talman's part.

Jonny was really happy.

Cheers Dave, for making this possible, supporting the scene etc.

Brotherly love... and Gant.

'Mel and the gang.'


'It's the For Untold Reasons drummer! Wheeeeyyy!!'

Chimped out.

Knowing Callum Downs all my life, I find Callun's name really hard to say.

Ben came all the way from London.

'It's a Myspacer!'


Premiere promo coming soon!

Luke. (Very elaborate captions, I know.)

'Everyday I'm mopping floors mopping floors!'

Sam was devestated he was second enders to spud in the friends section.

I think Jon's trick got the most props on the whole video.

Me and tally.

Chimp didn't look so good.

Sorry for putting 'that picture' in the video Clark.

The Kings.

But seriously, cheers Dave for putting this on.

NLT December 2007!

That wine was nasty.

There really is no need for this Kieren.

Things just got a bit slury at this point.

I wasn't gonna use this photo, but how funny is my face?

Matt and Baker (as featured in Ben's part) went Oddysee with everyone else. A few people didn't get in so I suggest you check Blog And Die for what happened there.

Well McDonalds is the second best place to go.

And we saved money by getting the last bus home.

This is Jonny's amazing belt.

Thanks for everyone who came down, it was a good night!
If you want a copy of the DVD just let me know and I'll sort one out, or you could just wait a few days while I upload the video on the internet somewhere.