Rain, Royal Oak and a Funeral

Ippy and Mike visited us.

We had the London  Doghouse Video premiere.

'Phil quick, we've got grills!'
'Have you got foil on your teeth?'

Me and Kez decided to go see Funeral For A Friend, who are climbing my favourite band list.

They're really good live.

Best song was 'Rookie Of The Year', but we missed it 'coz we were late. We heard it from outside though...

'Yet I'm nothing moreee!' *Sims face*

At the end there was all this fake snow falling form the roof.

Here's the habitual 'venue/band name' shot- after the gig because we were late. It didn't even say 'FFAF' anyway...

Afterwards we went to the Metal Pub.

My Mum's the number 1 'Blog Of Peril' fan.

Back home- Tansie and her cousins were there.

I'm not sure why we had sparklers...

This was actually pretty dangerous...

Alex loved it.

Just ignoring those 'Don't play with fireworks' posters from Primary school.

The next morning we went all the way to London Bridge to skate, which is when it rained.

Looking good Bas.

We were pretty thankful to skate flat.

Ben's hooked on this gnarly 'Elephant Juice', I think we all are now.

Today was Burny's last skate in London.

Going past St. P's towards the tube.

Royal Oak is a trek away.

It was either this or Southbank...

Check out Burny's FS Carve in the distance.

These are pretty new, and amazing.

Ben BS Tail.

Me and Mike had a massive pregnant women craving for fried chicken.

A beautiful sight.

See you back in Leicester!

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