With two weeks till deadline day, we all decided to star our dissertations.

This is in the BFI library. Hahaha- splash back.

These awesome elephants are everywhere.

Classic South London Press headline.

Me, Paul and Matt all voted in out first general election.

I was strictly Lib Dem.

Back to the BFI library to dissertate some more.

The disgusting LSBU library was a familiar sight in the closing days. I myself clocked at least two 12 hour sessions and a couple of 8 hour bad boys.

Lewis here would end up staying till 'the first train back to Lewisham'- That's right- 24/7 library. Urgh.

My dissertation was evaluating the importance of Star Wars' sound design in relation to the revolution of the science fiction genre. And in case you were wondering, it was pretty important.

Adam left his too late and asked for a 3 day extension.

Matt and myself however did manage to get ours done on time, although we had to leave them in the dreaded 'coursework submission box' as it was after 4pm.

My disserbadaman.

Nearly... there...

To celebrate we all went to the Dolce Vita Italian Restaurant.

Chung Master came skating. We didn't really go anywhere worth mentioning, so here's us in Marie's.


He's been missing in action since Christmas. Turns out he 'didn't agree' with the new management system and quit/got fired. What a gully badman.

LSBU Screening of final year films. (We get a BFI screening in June.)

A screenshot of mine and Matt's film 'Dread', I'll put it online shortly when we tweak the sound levels.

Ross and Matt stayed in the Library from 7pm-8am doing a 2000 word reflective essay, which takes normal people about 2-3 hours to do.

Claud adding the finishing touches to his essay at 8.30am ready to put it in the box for 9am.

The entire class submitted the last of their degree work at the latest time possible, in true student fashion.


Another early morning fry up to celebrate the end of an era.

I can finally go skating now. I say skating, I mean sitting around on walls with Matt, Faris and Basi.

Shopping with Kez means the soul destroying Topshop.

I was stoked to see Basi in there though...