A typical week

An oh so familiar sight.

'No eating in lectures...'

Gravy and Tomato Sauce?

One of Jay's drawings.

Hoegaarden is officially disgusting.

Don't ask...


Dead Nuns

I met Kieren English at the Cantelowes Skatepark near Camden.

Check out Basi' current lip-tickler.

Someone robbed Kieren's MP3 Player. It's okay, it was only a 'Creative Zen' anyway...

After the sesh we indulged in what was left in Camden.

Basi had some gay vegetarian alternative.

We treked all the way to Warren Street for this shitty 3 set.

We ended up in McDonalds talking about Gant.

Next day- Matt is fully NLT.

Da crew.

We immaculately timed our passing by of some balloon ceremony for this photo.

St. Pauls 3 set is a beast to get into.

It's also a beast to skate.

This too, is a beast to film with.

Basi rolled his ankle on a beast of a trick.

This concludes our beast of a sesh at the 3.

'Why did Wilko get a photo in front of that pirate ship?'
'Hey Mike get a photo in front of that pirate ship...'

Ben demanded a Guinness stop.

City Hall.

Greasy chicken stop off.

Yet again we had to break into this skate park.

That spot in my Cloud section.

Getting the footage off takes time.

'What's a Samosa?'- Ben struggled with Basi's shopping list.

Lifestyle shot.

That vest man, that vest...

The midnight sesh was happening.

The classic team pic.

This idea backfired dramatically.

In the morning, Basi's ankle was the size of a small country, so he stayed in bed.

Hahaha, look at Mike's white jeans...

We decided this guy was one of those things with their eyes stitched up on Abe's Odysee.

He was partied out.

First spot was 3 up 6 down- stones own that spot.

That spot in 'Hold Tight London 4'.

This pile of shit necessitated our stomachs for the remainder of the day.

A good Hyde Park bombing was in order.

We went Oxford street road gap too, but I didn't take a photo of that.
Rain then ended our day early.

Basi just sat inside and festered all day.

Until next time guys!

I began editing some of the footage.

For this bad boy- 'Dead Nuns'.
Not strictly an NLT video, but made by me.
You wanna be in it, then let me know.
Online for your viewing pleasure late April.