Humbo & Sileby- Day Edit Below

Me and Adam walked to Humberstone to see Kieren.

He was well excited to see us.

Adam- Roll fakie.

The way home is all downhill, Adam couldn't hack it.

'Sketz better know wats cumin 4 dem'

The next day we met Kieren on the train to Sileby.

Yet another piece of breath taking skate park art.

Sileby was wetter than a, er... ah think of your own rude joke.

Enthusiastic sweeping.

Jonny Huslte / Sugar / McLovin.

Baggy Jimmy- 'Biggy.'

These 3 turned up well late so didnt get any footage for the day edit which is to follow.

Kieren stayed on the train home to town.

These are the plans for Syston skatepark.

Amazing long hubba T-block.

Perfect Cantelowes style bank with coping.

We probably stood there for about 10 minutes, just staring.

Oh, and my new guitar hero faceplate came, pretty cool huh?

Double day edit of this blog:


Birstall, treat.

This is me eating a scorpion.

Later that night we had marshmallows on a stick, but it didn't work very well because it was on a barbecue, not a full on fire.

I havn't seen Arron for a while, he was chillin' on Goodes Lane.

It's nice to see Madonna still looks good for her age.

I saw some infamous 'Tikkz' graffiti walking through LE4. (From the A.B.S song)

Adam got us lost taking a shortcut around Watermead park.

They took out the shit metal ramps at Birstall skatepark. All they need to do now is knock down the halfpipe and the two rails and it'd be alright.

Stonehill 7 got seshed.

Callum- Kickflip.

Jonny- Northen Ollie.

Jonny- Heelflip.

Adam- Flab Rolls.

Adam- Donut Ball of Fat.

Callum- Says it's a stalefish but really it's a Roast Beef.

Callum- FS Shifty / Dodgey Ollie.

And for enders, Jonny- Cannonball.

Siamese sheep.

Not really upto Myspace picture standards, but definately blog-worthy.

We stopped by the Syston skatepark to check on progress. The other end had a bank / quarter started now.

It's not as thin as we first thought, and is pretty long.

A perfect looking quarter at the other end.

We ended the Doctors. It wasn't really worth blogging but I did a gay macro shot to make it look good.

Everytime I drink this I swear it'll be the last time. It never is...


Happy Birthday To Me

This is a sunday, which means there are no trains to Sileby. Trekking through fields it is then...

Jonny- Cannonball the driveway.

I helped Adam paint his neighbor's living room for some extra dollar.

Syston skatepark progress- slow.

Plotting at Talman's...

We rang Callum and told him we had the new Guitar Hero game. We saw him run to Talman's in excitement, which is when we bombarded him with water balloons. Then he went home.

It was hilarious.

I stayed at Basi's.

Next day, I went town to get birthday presents.

Food for Dominik turned out to be the main priority.

Yummm... quiche.

The park's gonna be quite narrow.

A tight transitioned quarter?

NLT traiing facility- Wreake tennis courts.

Here's Mum assembling our BBQ for my Birthday.

Doig cut his hair!

Today's my Birthday, yay. I got Guitar Hero (better late than never) a Century lens and an external hard drive. And a Viz and chocolates.


Domink painted me a picture.

An abstract picture.

Callum got me a muffin.

It's the thought that counts.

The NBA All-Stars table of the train.

'Bounce around the garden all summer long'- as if.

Jonny was also in true basketball spirit.

NLT Sileby photo sesh!

Jonny Hustle- Kickflip.

Fat Callum- BS Lipslide.

Blatant Women's T-shirt Basi- BS Crook.

Keepin' It Gangsta Adam- Manual.

Birthday me- 5-0 carve.

I Get Two Pictures Because It's My Birthday Phil- Ollie driveway.

Kez- sitting down.

Back at mine the classic party food was out.

The BBQ wouldn't light so we set fire to loads of paper and threw it on.

We were all well impatient so we just used the cooker.

These cheeseburgers were BAAAAAAD!!!

Mum was in charge.

Dad won the 'longest arm' competition.

Dom seemed to enjoy himself.

Birthday peanut butter and banana cheesecake.

I reckon this should've been a sequence.

Callum and Ben came round to go to the Midland.

Talman was there, doing the Roger Mellie.

Basi gave me an awesome Lion card.

Thanks for this banner Jonny.

Pool tournement went down. I had two chances to get to the final because it was my Birthday but lost twice anyway. Callum beat Jonny in the final.

Thanks for coming everyone!