Back In The Belly Of The Beast

I decided to get away from everything 'Dead Nuns' related for a week and head over to London. I saw Funeral For A Friend at King's College with Kez.

They didn't play 'Rookie Of The Year!'

Was sick though, proper small venue.

It was good to see the ol' familiar sights.

Also in that week I went to see Hancock. It was good, but I'm not sure how I feel about all those CGI films. However I did notice the current surge in popularity of superhero films post 9/11, in an effort to reassure the public's fear in terrorism through the undoubted triumph of the superhero (the public) and the evil bad guy (terrorists.)

One of them crappy gypo fairs was on round the corner from Kez's house.

We only went to buy candy floss.

I love these machines!

I loved these machines.

In a world of Xbox 360's, internet phones and iPods, as if anyone's child would want a go on this...

I sat with a small headed bald chronic snorer on the way home.

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