This picture shows the start of the skatepark being built in Syston! It's been well overdue but it's better late than never. It's on Central Park and should be done mid-August.

Slowly but surely! I cant wait to never go into town ever again.

I'm also in the process of decorating my room...

Yet another 'it's-raining-still' activity enjoyed by me and Jonny- the Pub.

I decided to go with my Dad on his trackday at Donington Park. I've got to keep the camera occupied with something while the weather dries up!

My Dad is the old(er) one.

Bare motorbikes in the paddocks.
This is where the Download Festival would've been.

That big famous fake tire bridge.

Ipswich Ben flip front board?

I think the cost of petrol was more than the whole track day.

Dad on the start / finish.

You're supposed to go round the track at your own pace and enjoy yourself, but everybody knows its really a race and you have to go as fast as you can and scare yourself to look cool. Then you tell your mates you were just taking it easy.

I did film this all at various points of the track, I might put it online later.

Dad won, yay.

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