Humbo & Sileby- Day Edit Below

Me and Adam walked to Humberstone to see Kieren.

He was well excited to see us.

Adam- Roll fakie.

The way home is all downhill, Adam couldn't hack it.

'Sketz better know wats cumin 4 dem'

The next day we met Kieren on the train to Sileby.

Yet another piece of breath taking skate park art.

Sileby was wetter than a, er... ah think of your own rude joke.

Enthusiastic sweeping.

Jonny Huslte / Sugar / McLovin.

Baggy Jimmy- 'Biggy.'

These 3 turned up well late so didnt get any footage for the day edit which is to follow.

Kieren stayed on the train home to town.

These are the plans for Syston skatepark.

Amazing long hubba T-block.

Perfect Cantelowes style bank with coping.

We probably stood there for about 10 minutes, just staring.

Oh, and my new guitar hero faceplate came, pretty cool huh?

Double day edit of this blog:

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