Our Mad House Party / The Black Crusade

Talman was first to arrive for our party.

Burny came!

So did Dave. Really random 3 people to come to our party.

Fake Beaver.

Basi strangled Tansie.

Sophie and some gay French guy.

Claud broke Basi's Elephant mug.

Talman has a well squidgey face.

Nice Kieren impression.

Burny just sat on this worktop the entire time.


A massive fight broke out between loads of French people. Basi got the blame.

This was horrible to clean up. The cups stuck to the table.

The new 'Wenning' of NLT.


These two got pretty drunk.

This is Jay, the security guy. He's well secure.

This was the trip to get batteries for my camera.

Watch out for Jay's demo, out December.

Tansie did her party trick.

Burmy, Talman and Dave slept on my floor.


The morning aftermath.

I got interegated about this.

Skinny African Basi.

Talman's costume if he was a super-hero.

We got invited to eat at some Chinese girl's house. It was like a big cartoon.

Later that day, me and Tally went to The Black Crusade!

We only just saw Shadows Fall, so this is the only picture I have.

Next up were Arch Enemy.

'All for one! One for all!'

Third were Dragonforce, who were just well funny.

Classic harmonised solo's.

I've met the Chinese guy, hahaha...

Next up were Trivium!

They were by far the best of the night.

'Swallow every blasphemyyyyyy!'

Classic duel solo during 'Gunshot...'

Ah Trivium, you never fail to put on a good show.

Machine Head played last but we missed them because Talman had a train to catch.

See ya' Tally.

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