I went to my lecture on Friday afternoon.
Afterwards we met Clark at Waterloo.

We had a quick sesh on the block outside.

Ollie and Ali came down after they saw us from their window.

Ollie- Rowley Darkslide.

Yeah Bas.

Dizzee Rascal was at the Astoria.


'Make some noise for me London!' ... 'BRAP BRAP BRAP!'

This is where he did covers off 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and 'Seven Nation Army.'

Some beatbox guy came on. At the end of his 'set' he started 'Fix Up Look Sharp', which was Dizzee's ender.

The crowd loved it. So did I, it was well funny.

Safe Dizzee Rascal.


We saw a huge gang of our friends on the way home.

We decided to go to The Rigg for some cheap drinks and a quiet game of pool.
It was karaoke night...
...So we bought some Jim Beam's.
Neck tattoo's are the new thing.

We had a good session of ODB, Slayer and System Of A Down.

Someone elses random shit party. Balaclava!?

The Arms- runnin' McClaren, what?!

This is where we laid down a new track, check the Arms myspace soon.


The next day we went skateboarding. Westminster was a bust.

Trafalgar double set was next on the bill.

Clark was shredding.

I well wanna see Michelle McManus at G A Y tonight.

These road gaps didn't like Clark.

Maybe next time.
Shit got filmed on these banks, but here's Basi getting kicked off.

Euston is easily the world's best spot. Clark FS Feeble.

Myself- Switch FS Rock Roll.

Some crazy eurphonic Police motorbikes.

Back at the block, Clark was doing Layback Pimpslides.

And Crooks too.

See ya' Clark!

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