Iron and Wine

Basi almost ate this maggot in his Cheerios.

We met Ollie in reception again.

We had a trip to the Tate- I've been so many times now.

This seems to be Jack's default blog face now.

This is the sort of art I like.

After the Tate me and ollie bought Avenged Sevenfold's album. Go buy it, it's sick.

We rinsed McDonalds for their warmth.

Ollie somehow managed to break his belt.

We had a skate around Traf, but this is just a picture of Ollie and Bas next to the fountain.

Good ol' Westminny...

Southbank officially sucks dick. (Man, I'll suck yo' dick! I got this cheeseburger!)

We went back home and robbed another chair for our kitchen.

Next day, 7.30am fire alarm?!

People were not happy.

This guy came to check if Basi was still living. He would later get a formal warning for staying in bed.

Of course, I took the time to hit up the laundrette while it was quiet.

We decided to go shopping in Iceland. Everything is a pound and we bought loads of unecessary items.

My Foo Fighters ticket came, yay! Watch out soon for it to be blogged...

On a more relevent note, heres our Iron and Wine tickets.

I've never been to Shepard's Bush before, it's a pretty good venue. Hehehe... 'Bush'.

Iron and Wine play really beautiful music.

If you've not heard of them yet, you will.

At home we drank 'Vodka Relentless'. That shits... relentless.

Our French flatmates taught us to say rude phrases in French. 'Suce ma bite Salope.'

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