Damn, That's a Light Tasting Beer!

Basi- BS 5-0.

Ollie- Boardslide.

Potatoes- Gone off.

A group of us decided to gamble wooden chips in a game of dice. It got a bit out of hand and I ended up with a rang of hats, glasses, keys and phones.

Adam was gambling everything just to get his glasses back.

I also won his entire outfit, we stopped by this time.

More filming for our documentary.

We went to see 'Hunger' at the cinema. Adam got us all in for free with his employee card, even though he doesn't work at the Odean anymore.

Jonny came down for a 4-day weekend.

My new beer of choice because of it's amazing advert.



We saw these horses at Trafalgar Square clogging up traffic.

Is these any other people from Leicester who want a MySpace photo in front of the fountains?

Basi and Jonny had the nerve to race to this empty table at the same time as a family of 5. Two of the family are standing behind them, staring.

Trocadero's Fun Land- where else?

Everyone's too poor to go out now so we just sit in our kitchen drinking.

It aint no Premier Inn but it does the job.

Day 3- hopefully we'll get to skate now...

I love the fake beach part of the Thames.

Kieren snapped his board at his bus stop in Greenwich so made us walk to London Bridge to met him and take him to Covent Garden to get a new one. Such a star trek.

He should've got that sunglasses one.


Some well hard spot to skate. I'll have to get Burny on it.

Little did they know that this would be the most fun they were gonna have this weekend.

Kieren- FS Nosegrind with bad-a-man old car in background.

Jonny one-up's him with a FS Crook.


Sam was at South Bank.

We went home for some 'food'. This was Jonny's colossal monotonal meal.

He did manage to eat it all though.

Liam had an open day at South Bank so stayed the night to roll dice.

Jonny in his natural hustling habitat.

Adam lost about £4.

Real money this time! Liam made an £8 profit despite not knowing the game rules.

This was at somewhere totally different, someone's 'party' on C block.
Worst. Party. Ever.

Day 4... RAIN.


Royal Oak, in desperation for Jonny to actually skate this weekend.

Kieren came, won a game of SKATE, then we went home.

9.30pm, in a spontaneous decision; Me, Jonny and Matt ventured back out towards Central.

For more Fun Land!

It's open 'till midnight so not many people were there Jonny won bare tickets.

An epic game of Pool commenced.

I won the Giraffe with my share of tickets.

We found a drumming game, it was the best thing in there, after Daytona 8-player racing.

The flat is decorated nicely with the contents of multiple skateboard magazines.

Jonny burnt his black Bart Simpson keyring and went home.

This is a load of us at Weatherspoons for Claud's Brithday.

Photo's courtesy of Matt.

Note how there aren't ant photos of Claud at all.

This old man fell asleep for ages.

I was one of many people who got a photo next to him.

This is what Basi is 'eating' nowadays. He tried to stop me from taking a photo of it and putting it on the internet so people wouldn't think he's a tramp. But he is.

The following shots is our documentary interview process.

I'm a bossy director.

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