My Halloweekend

I've been looking forward to this all year.
Antony still eats those horrible microwave burgers.

Although I can't really talk myself...

Me and Paul rented some equipment from uni but never used it.

Here's Kez purchasing her squidgey mushroom.

Pink, of course.

RIP Astoria?

I met Shrek in Zavvi.

I also met Talman later on that day at Kings Cross tube.

We went to Hammersmith Apollo for the Unholy Alliance Tour.


They played a lot of Ascendancy and Shogun, but only one song from The Crusade and Ember to Inferno.

This is during Gunshot...

'Hey!... Hey!... Hey!...'

'Swallow every blasphemyyyyy!'

Matt Heafy did a lot more screaming vocals than usual, it sounded amazing.

Sick guitar!

After announcing the last song, he smashed his guitar on the ground, grabbed the microphone and dived into the crowd!

Screaming the whole way through 'Pull harder...', with only one guitar part playing the entire song!

This was definitely not pre-planned. The best version of 'Pull Harder' I've seen in all five times I've seen Trivium.

Amazing live bad, go see- NOW.

And to make things better, Slayer were yet to play!

Not as close this time, as the crowd consisted of middle aged bald men beating their chests.

The King!

'Angel Of Death!'


They played all the classics- Disciple, Angel of Death, Raining Blood, and some moderns such as Cult and Jihad.

Filming for a DVD?

throwing out picks at the end- check out Kerry King's chains!

My neck/voice has never hurt more.

The tube home was full of Slayer fans.

The gig definitely took it's toll on me and Talman here.

This crazy women stuck her head through the window which read: 'Do not use while train is in use- danger of death.'

As it was Halloween Matt, Ollie and Basi dressed up (wore make-up) and went to some party. Me and Talman just saw Slayer so didn't need to explain why we couldn't be arsed to go.

Much rather watch 'Ride The Sky' instead.

The following morning with ears still ringing, we had a Mama's for breakfast.

It began to rain...

...So we checked out the new Royal Oak park.

It's really good, we got some footage.

Talms- Noseslide.


We wet to the tate to see that spider inside.


Lovely dinner.

My lamb steak wet out of date, so I through it at the window, took a picture and put it on the internet.

Search 'Roger Mellie' on Google.

Talman is displayed in the results on my blog!

Speaking of searching, Kieren got searched at Canary Wharf on his way to meet us under the Terrorist Search Act.

Apparently Talman's friend asked him to buy a Heat magazine and prove it's from London.

He just wants to read it himself really.

The Blackfriars session was off the hook.

I had a hideous nightmare about Henry the Hoover when I was a child. Here he is busking on the underground.

We met Basi at the end of the day at Oxford Street road gap.

See you in a few weeks for our next gig Talman!

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