Pirates = Shit

After failed attempts to find either a Freddie Mercury or a Where's Wally fancy dress costume, I resorted to the boring pirate that last minute people go as.

Here's the fancy dress shop we went to.

It was Paul's birthday, so he got to be King.

Look who we saw on the way home!

That's right...

We went to the Young Vic for Paul's Birthday but I can't be arsed to sift through Facebook to steal peoples various photos, so here's back at the flat afterwards.

Me and Basi are Tag Team Champions.

All I had to do was buy the hat then wear Basi's everyday clothes to dress as a pirate. Kez is Alice (from Wonderland.)

It was a family party, so blogging really wasn't necessary / worth while.

One of those classic circular dance floors opened up.

Sonny and me.

Anyway, the next day or something, Wilko and Talman appeared at my flat.

To see Slipknot!

Machine Head supported.

Cover of Maiden's 'Hallowed Be Thy Name.'

SLIPKNOT! Complete with mechanical drums and bongo things.

Scary bastards.

We thought we'd stand behind the habitual crazy bald man mosh pit that occurs at the front. As soon as they began to play the first song we were actually in the middle as the whole venue were going mental. Amazing...

They played Classics such as Surfacing, Liberate, Duality, Before I Forget, (sic), Spit It Out...

...And of course, People = Shit! Displayed here in video format.

Joey played the last song like this.

Probably the best gig I've been to this year.

Bare thirsty on the way home.

The following day, me and Wilko went to KFC. Look at this excue for 'One piece of chicken'...

Fun Land was calling.

Deal or No Deal was epic.

400 tickets was the top prize, naturally we didn't deal and received 3.

We played this specific machine for ages to win Policeman Badger and Granny Mole.

Also we got a green spring thing, a 50 Cent chain and a zebra.

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