Syston Skatepark Unofficial Opening!

Check this awesome fury Caterpillar.

This is when I got locked out my house. I managed to climb on the roof and through the tiny bathroom window. Then my Mum came home anyway.

Mum's new car!

And here it is- the Syston Skatepark!

It's not officially finished yet as they need to turf the area around the park, but the concrete itself is done.

Complete with BMXicans arsing about.

Dom was chillin' at home watching Beebies, he doesn't give a shit about a new park.

Mike lives at Boardroom now.

Dead Nuns DVD's back in stock at Boardroom, for 50p each!

Check my new fly-squid Heathen 8-inch bad-a-man!

The second day at the Syston park and Callum claims the first hideous bail- An ollie to coping on the quarter to whip out and face plant the floor.

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