Jah Bless Syston Skatepark

A FIFA tournament commenced at Adams 'gaf.'

Eight teams starting from the quarter finals.

Here's Josh and me in the semi finals.

Mac Ten deciding which beer has more.

Adam and Basi in the semi-final.

It all got too much for Talman.

Eventually it was me and Basi, old uni rivals in the final.

We'd beaten each other hundreds of times back at the flat, but this was the most important game of them all...

The tense crowd.

I saved a penalty and it was 2-2 for a long time...

But then I scored in the 89th minute!

I don't mean to brag, but I scored 15 goals in 3 matches...

Not bad for a quiet night in...

The following day I was down the Syston Park scouting for the next generation of NLT riders.

Two year old Dominik Harrison certainly caught my attention.

I can't wait for his part in the 6th NLT video.

Maybe still a bit too early for now...

Local Syston head Aaron came down to check out the park.

Aaron- nosegrind.

Kieren also paid a visit to his new favourite park- FS 5-0.

Mac Dogg- BS Crook.

I don't mind scooters, or rollerblades. BMX'ers that wait for their turn are fine. Kids on muddy mountain bikes I can handle. But this, is SUMMIN' ELSE!

Chimp the Pimp was looking sagadelic.

Jonny tries so hard these days to get in the blog...

'What's the point?'- Words of disgust after getting kicked out of the skatepark because it's not open yet.

OG 5.

Burny was really happy with the new park.


Me and Cal caught the gay blue bus to Town. It took a measly 12 minutes and was cheaper than the 5.

Dead Nuns new shipment of DVD's available at the Boardroom.

Ben is now an official Ledge shop rider.

A typical Boardroom meal.

Ben and Amy.

Lloyd- the new Banksy. Lloyd Banks, hahaha...

Perhaps Banky's greatest work.

Goodes Lane seems to be notorious for Dead Pigeons.

Keeping with the theme of tournaments, we had a pool one down the Midland.

Something funny happened.

Talman vs. J-dizzle in the final.

This is Jonny missing the black.

Then Talman won. That's twice Jonny's lost in a pool final.

After a good night at the Midland we all eagerly anticipated the next day at the park.

It was covered in shit from kids on bikes in the rain the day before.

To make matters worse, somebody snapped our broom.

Well, it wasn't gonna clean itself.

Getting there...

Jake and Ash came down from Lough.

After buying another broom from Wilkinson's, it snapped too.

Jake's chillin' these days...

Me and Lloyd decided to check Wreake. It's still shit.

Humbo boys were there too.

John endorses Nourishment.

The park was just about sweeped up and ready to skate, when some one through 2 bottles of full, cheap sticky coke over the bush and ran off giggling.

Beaver and John came down, to brighten the mood.

As soon as they put grass down, it'll be fine.

Wilko won the first big game of skate at the park.

Jah Bless Syston skatepark.

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