My First Ever Day of Work

My train ticket got stamped with love.

I bought some Fallen Forte's from Casino, fresh off the delivery pile.

Adam got this bad-a-man DGK T-shirt.

Checkin' the blog on a phone!

Sign says: 'Anti-climbing paint.'

The boys from town end decided to check what all the fuss is about at the park.

Even Dave wanted a look!

Talman, thinking deeply.


It rained, so me and Talman went on a trek to the Hobby Horse.

Sunday dinner!

A big chair for a big man.

Beebies doesn't cut it anymore, now Dominik's into graffiti.

Today was Kieren's birthday.

This fat kid tried to drop in on blades and destroyed himself.

Josh Cena. 'You can't see me!'

Some fake Police came down and ID'd the drinkers.

Curt's back on the scene!

Me and Kieren went back to mine and played Skate instead of actually doing it.

Midland sesh.



A hat always comes before trousers in the getting dressed routine for Basi.

Today I did my first ever day of work.

It was taping these SpongeBob sweatbands to the magazine for 9 and-a-half hours.

Adam was on his own table with some Asian women.

We arn't allowed to sit down when working, so you really have to take advantage of it on your break.

This Bacon man is amazing.

Back to work...

I pretended to go toilet but secretly just sat down and took photos of myself.


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