Results Day 2.0

It's been exactly a year since I started this blog. Here's me at last year's results day.
Oh how things change.

A year on, It's Kieren's turn to unveil his future from the dreaded brown envolope.


Kieren passed, he's finally going to Uni! Greenwhich in London to be precise.

Next is Talman's turn, for his first year results.


Three A's and a B in Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry!

Happy Talman.

Kim and Bhav passed too.

We went pub to celebrate.

The crappy child graffiti is slowly compiling at the park.

True dat.

Adam got his first ever legitimate trick and photo!
Adam- Rock Fakie.

I went to some RAF barracks place for a family BBQ.

You have to get your photo taken to get in and everything!

Happy Birthday Poozanne.

Auntie Evelyn reppin' the marshmallows-on-a-stick.

First Beebies, then graffiti, now it's just full on boozing.

Perhaps one too many drinks Dom...

Adam made sure to pick the iciest piece of Birthday cake.

Crazy RAF plane on a stick!

Check the guy in the background with a full on machine gun or something.

White Lloyd was at the park in the evening.

I saw Burny on he way home. I forgot to rotate this picture though.

One year of blogging down, two to go!

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