Free From The Shackles!

The queue for student tutorials were epic.

Someone has an excellent sense of humor.

I was so proud of this meal I took a photo and put it on the internet.

This mysterious boiling pan of shit was at Ollie's. It remains a mystery.

Mick Foley kills of Smackdown V. Raw.

Fifa 08- a house favorite.

If I ever eat this meal again it'll be too soon.

Alex studies naked.

Me and Bas discovered this sticky bowl of old cereal under my bed.

'Look at that view Bas... You've earned it...'

Today's the day we hand in all of our Uni work!

Stoked, happy, relieved, free.

As was I.

Essay receipts of glory.

This is definitely getting hit up in a near future blog.

No one in their right mind would eat that shit.

Out of all people, Josh came down to visit.

I went to some ticket office to pick up my... tickets.

'Phill MacDonalad'- Could they spell my name any more incorrectly?

The Dead Nuns raw tapes began to pile up because my pirate copy of Final Cut broke. I'm so dedicated I bought a legal version of it for £120. You better come to the premiere now.

I knew a stop off in Game was a bad idea.

Check this gnarly wirey pube of death in my chips at McDonald's.

The toilet art was amazing.

Covent Garden.

These two tried on clothes like bitches instead of blindly buying them and hoping they fit anyway.

This is what smoking does to you.

The big G.

MySpace check up.

A quick one in The Rigg for old times sake.

They had Kerrang on! Bullet's new single! IN THE RIGG!
(Usually its MTV Base on loop.)

Basi bought these clear, plastic glasses for £15 and has now gone over his overdraft.

Josh left to go meet Dave.

Well, better get started on getting the footage off.

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