Yes Shadwell!

I visited Kieren at the infamous Binnie Court.

This is his sink clogged with sick from eating too much fried chicken. Seriously.

No expense spared at Binnie Court.

Mudchute- Kieren's local.


Yes Shadwell.

KFC's mini variety box is so shit.

Is this where they film the One Show?

That spot.

London Bridge looking surprisingly sunny.

Toad is the latest addition to my action figure thingys.

Chinese takeaway buffet got rinsed.

More American chocolate from CyberCandy in Covent Garden.

Daa... DAAAAA!

Matt Hay?

This tasted exactly the same as standard Dr Pepper, only 3 times the price.

And so I have finally made a start with my dissertation. Treat.

This is what Matt's writing his dissertation on.


I found this on my floor and I have no idea where it came from. Should I be worried?