Bursting Package

This sweet shop in Covent Garden has loads of classic Asian/American sweets.

I opted for the American extreme sports sponsor choice.

Can't get enough of this view.

New board/wheels/bearings.

I checked out Mile End with Basi.

Best park in London.

Ipswich Matt is now New Cross Matt.



This is pretty spooky.

Sam and co. were at the Rigg. For some reason.

We lost at pub crawl. Freshers- over it.

Back to Mile End with London noobs Callum and Talman.

Callum's halls are like an early Tony Hawk's level.

Whites Grounds is pretty shit.

A group of us met Marcus from Big Brother at the cinema. He was almost as irritating as the film we watched.

They must really be struggling for prizes over at Fun Land.

This guy provided a good 15 minutes of entertainment on the tube with his ridiculous denim and tracksuit bottoms get up- complete with bursting package.

Matt's gummy bear was taking a dump.

New student cards- old photo...

Me and Matt barricaded ourselves in Paul's toilet when he needed a shit. When we moved away from the door Paul barged through, swinging himself into the wall. Hahahaha.

I'll stop now.

Basi's Birthday in Camden.

Mine and Ollie's present.

Ross reps McLaren and NLT with the best of 'em.



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