Summer Part 1/3- The Beginning

In case you're wondering why I haven't blogged in 3 months, it's because my hard drive broke at the start of summer, resulting in a loss of the 'King of NLT' video, along with all my photos, graphics, music, videos and fonts. Not to worry though, the footage is all on an external hard drive.

In spite of this, I began my Summer by taking a trip to Bradgate park with Callum and Talman.

Would you really pay good money for this custom number plate?

Me and Lynsey got Mum rats for her Birthday.

Filming for 'Standardly Syston'.

The weeks of rain we endured was shit for skating, but must have been amazing for www.ultimatepuddle.blogspot.com


Paris is good at everything- even little girly BMXing.

These are the electric drums I would eventually buy for my Birthday.

The Engish's.

Check out this postman actually getting harassed by someones dog.

Kieren and AJ were unleashed upon Fleckney.

Another standard side rock.

Basi- Low to mid FS D.
AJ- 50-50.


Basi got NLT some coverage in Front magazine.

Yes Door Bellend.

Remember when everyone was scared of Swine flu?

In a vague attempt to fix my laptop I installed a new hard drive myself to save money. It didn't work though.

Jonny Layback.


On the night that would've been the King of NLT premiere, John sat on Talman's car roof on the way home. Amazing.

This was my Birthday meal. Stoked!

Amazing Birthday cake.

Talman had great pleasure in eating the traitor Tevez slice.

I saw You Me At Six in London.

A good, solid gig. The Forum is a nice venue too.

I got my results from second year through- a 1st, five 2:1's and a 3rd.

Part 2/3 up soon, if anyone even reads this anymore.

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