The Leaving Night

I met up with some of the Quay crew.

I'm stoked I got on my own blog.

Some of us went to some bar on Grandby Street.

This is suicide. Self-timer photo in the Bowlturners- As voted by Bravo TV to be one of the top 3 roughest Pubs in Britain.

After surviving Bowlturners, we went Panic. Heres Tim and Kyrell.

Burny is moving to London too!

Definately a 'MySpacer.'

I sold a hairband thing to this guy for 50p, what a sap.

Basi and Two Sugars.

Yeah Sandy B.

They posed like this for about 30 seconds until my camera took the photo.

Darryl was telling me how stoked he is on 'The Arms' all night. I'm glad you appreciate us Darryl.

'Let me see it! Don't put it on your blog...'

Here's Sam licking Josh's cousin's elbow.

After John's display of freestyling, he's definately gonna be on an 'Arms' track soon...

I don't know either.

Taxi crew.

Damn, I was planning to charm Tyrell on the way back too.

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JamFactory said...

Sick Phil!

Nice blog dude, i just found it, gonna be adding this into me list of blogs to read!

Good luck in the big smoke dude, have a good 'un!

~ Gav.