Okay, so I'm not actually in London yet, but I can't pass up the chance to blog the DGK team trip to Leicester can I?

John was dressed for the occasion.

The DGK team were almost 2 hours late.

Caveman fakie ollied Poly Drop for his Doghouse ender, but don't tell anyone.

I can't believe Kareem Campbell is coming to Leicester!

Some of us went to Dominoes to buy pens n' shit.


This is pretty sick.

Gothic Craig showed up.

Talms and Bas came, the excitement was brilling.

Pure crowds.

The arrival!

This is the part where we all 'cuffed' Stevie Williams as he walked to the front.

Clark 'The Dark' Diamond.

Extreme close-up.

They were signing loadsa' posters.

'This should fork up some cash on eBay...'

Fuck DGK, it doesn't come much more gangster than this.

Clark was stoked on this picture.

Mike's turn.

I got my signing, safe.

Fucking yes.

Check Mike forever ruining my blog photos.

Yeah Suz.

Marcus McBride is a badman.


'Shit, It's Darrell Stanton!'

We were all told to go Quay, even though DGK just went Boardroom and they didn't come here 'till 3+ hours later...

The new NLT grip tag- 'LT.

MAC- Melon.

I feel well sorry for this little man.

*Pink Panther theme*


Dylan De'Villain- this guy entertained us for ages.-
'I don't trust you two, your both Dogs!'

Soon enough the DGK team came. The following photos are for people to save to put on their MySpaces, so bare with me.

Me and Stevie.






Instead of skating themselves, the DGK boys initiated a best trick comp over the gap.

A few tricks went down- Heres SPT with a hardflip.

Suz won in the end, with a sick Tre and a first go BS heelflip.
Props to Eric's Nollie Inward Heelflip though- thats some Tony Hawk's Pro Skater shit.
Anyway, Suz got shoes shirt and deck!

By this time, everyone went home.

As soon as I got home, Stevie and Boardroom Dave were on the local news! Heres the story after that because I missed it.

I got my LSBU handbook, safe.

Later on I went to Callum's.

He's already got his poster on the wall.

'That's gotta be a bloke...'

Basi appeared, with his student handbook.

I was playing Miachael Jackson's 'Bad' on a Ukulele.

Crazy Star Wars dance remix.

This is Talman's old guitar on top of a garage.

No comment.

We all watched the Dirty Sanchez movie.

'Party at Talmans!'

Talman's well guitary.

It says his name on it!

'To the future...'

Talman kicked us out. I stopped at Callum's.


This is Goscote's latest skate spot.

Callum- BS 5-0.

The bank has been officially put to sleep.

We decided to indulge in some Swinging, for old times' sake.
Callum- Cannonball.

Me- Ninja thingy.

Callum- Upside downer.

Callum- Double footing.

Callum's pure into vinyls. Too old school for me so I left.

Matt was fixing my PC while all of this happened, which explains why this blgo entry is a little late.

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