Avenged Sevenfold and Fightstar

I met Ollie in reception.
We went to Virgin on Oxford Street for the Avenged Sevenfold!

The que was massive.

They even handed out free Virgin water.

3 and a half hours later, we were at the front of the que...

Only to join another que downstairs...

Avenged Sevenfold!

M. Shadows has crazy hair now.

Me and M. Shadows!

We got rushed along by some security guy, so this is Ollie's picture with A7X.

Post-signing food.

We went to 'The Metal Pub' on Denmark Street. It's full of skulls and old guys with grey beards.

Whatever Basi...

Pure fake church.

This was outside- so gnarly.

Basi actually had two Chinese girls in his room.

We chilled in this 'Common Room' for a bit.

After a while everyone just started jousting on chairs.

It was epic.

Things got really out of hand.

Basi fully broke this chair.

Longest lift journey to the 7th floor.

Classic Ollie picture.

Habitual laundry photo.

Breaking into A-Block. I think my blog is gonna be the same everytime.

Courtyard times.

When we finally got in we played Guitar Hero.

This is my signed 'only 1000' limited edition Avenged Sevenfold vinyl by the way.

The next day me and Bas did a spot of shopping.

Then we met Sam at Waterloo.

We went Southbank. Jack was there.

Me, Sam and Bas decided to kill some time at the Tate Modern.

This is that big crack.

I thought it was painted on the floor, but it's not, and would be better if it was.

And this is that big spider outside.

We went back Southbank to wait for the Nike premiere.

We waited for like four hours.

Colin Kennedy gave us all free T-shirts. Basi wore it on his shoulders. It was so cold.

When we got inside I couldn't get a ticket so me and Basi left for Camden.

The Koko is massive!

Me and Bas chilled on these velvet sofas.

The support band- 'The Sleeping' were pretty shit, but had a pretty good mosh pit going.

Fightstar, yay.

It's not just the guy from Busted, they're actually really musically talented.

I think Basi is looking more and more like Russel Brand.

Pure headbanging.

I really enjoyed myself.

Afterwards we went to the worst bar, which played Misteeq and Sugababes. They did redeem themselves by playing early Snoop Dogg on our way out though.

Tube broke down.

When we got home Basi blew Sam's bed up and got really high from it.

For the rest of the night we sat around eating Pistachio's.

Next day we found our flatmates stole our entire fridge.

Classic student meal.

Another guitar sesh went down.

This took ages to wash.

Sam went home.

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