Ministry / Killswitch / Ministry again

Me and Bas began the pre-party.
The Ministry Of Sound club is literally 5 minutes away from our flat.

The heated smoking area pisses on Panic's building site.

It even has a pastry van. So good.

John came down.

Jack was up in the club.

The whole place is full of mad bitches.

These guys were crazy- the Three-Man-Party!

We love the Ministry now and it's our favourite place.

This is Ash. He is safe.

Who's that girl?

I don't know where this hat came from.

Who was even taking these pictures?

I drank too many double vodka and redbull's and woke up at home.

Basi sent me THE text the next morning.

I lost all my student cards and had to buy new ones.

Later on we met Talman at Waterloo.

'I'm getting high blowing this bed up!'

Tally laid down a few guitar bits for a new 'Arms' track.

We had so much fun with this blow up bed.

Me and Talman proceeded to the Brixton Academy.

We met Kieren 'fanny lips' English there.

The support band was so shit.

Killswitch Engage!

It was really swell.

'Rose of Sharyn' and 'My Last Serenade' were their best songs in my opinion.

Habitual post-gig tube shot.
We went to a dirty chicken place where the shop guys stare at you whilst you eat.

This is how we spent our night. Beautiful...

Tally got up at 5.30am to get the train home. Ridiculous.

A few days later...

I barged in Basi's room and rudely woke him up.

We had a lecture at the Tate Britain.

The tube just broke down and we got so lost.

We got really wet.

We finally saw some signs, an hour late.

Finding this place is a mission. We wern't allowed to take pictures inside, but it was really nice.

At home; this is the flat opposite us. The woman in there just walks around with her tits out all the time, so we took a picture. Serves her right, the tramp.

Back to the Ministry- good times.

Ollie and Bas.

People went crazy when the drum + bass floor opened up.

This is Lewis Hamilton. Seriously.

Ash- a regular at Ministry.

Digital Film + Video mandem.

Claud was outside, pretty wasted.

Ollie was really fucked at the end of the night


Ministry ended, but the party continued...
Laundrette is the sickest place...

We went around loads of flats to see if anyone was partying...

Ollie just sort of collapsed.

We shoved him in the lift and sent him to the 8th floor, laughing hysterically.

We tried to get into the legendary A-Block which is full of Chinese girls, but failed miserably.

Some girls in F-Block threw their card key out the window to us and we chilled there for ages.

I went to bed at 5am.

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