I bought this Fightstar single from 'Zavvi' today, and it just happened to be signed by them!
Apparently it's the first 'Vinyl CD ever'.

Anyway, to more important news-
 Me and Antony went to Brixton Academy to see Avenged Sevenfold.

It was epic.

I reckon Beast and the Harlot, Almost Easy and Unholy Confessions were the best performances.

'Lighters and cell phones' out for Seize the Day.


A7X are awesome live, go see them.

We saw Ollie outside but lost him. Kieren was there too but we never found him.

When I got home I chilled in my new sweatpants and did this blog.

'Come back to meeee it's alllllmost eaaaaasyyyyy!!!'

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