Christmas Holiday

As soon as I got back to Leicester for Christmas, I worked in that shit factory in Goscote with Adam.

Burny did the dreaded 12 hour day...

This 'bucks fizz' air freshener smelled worse than the shit I was paid to do anyway...

First thing to do after work- go Midland with Basi and Talman.

Talman drives now! (But certainly not drink driving...)

This is at my Grandad's house in North Yorkshire. I'm sure I've blogged it before.

Dominik and his badaman nee-nar.

Check this skatepark on the way to my Gran's.


Somehow, the underdog 'Talmanizer' won a 6-man elimination chamber title match for the Intercontinental belt, defeating Bossman, Basi and Fat Cal in the process!

All we do is drive places now.

'Mike Wazowski- you havn't done your paperwork...'

Casino worker and lurker.

Syston park is as awesome as ever.

Maybe not awesome for Talman...

The graffiti is really picking up though...

Christmas Eve Crew at the Queen Vic.

Christmas is solely about presents and food.

Of course, now it's just about Dominik.

This is my present.

Gotta train 'em while they're young. Watch out for Dom's section in the 8th NLT video...

I know, Father and Son matching shirts...

Dominik's Christmas mush.

This pretty much sums up my Christmas. Trifle and beer. And my intentional Christmas coloured clothing.

Lynsey got that 'Lips' game for Xbox. Adam killed 'Bleeding in Love.'
No seriously, that song is dead to me.

Dumb and Dumber.

Lloyd has a proper Banksy fetish. Lloyd Banks is his graffiti name.

The novelty of Talman hasn't worn off yet, so drive-throughs are still really exciting.

I don't think Arry was even working on the drive-through, but came to see us none the less.

Callum got the Guitar Hero drum package for Christmas. Overkill is obviously the best song on there.

On the way to Kez's I spotted this train.
You would think they'd try to make an effort to cover up the fact they have thousands of gold bars in there...

Christmas is all about returning presents you didn't like...

...And leaving all the shit ones in the Quality Streets.


We saw 'Yes Man.' I don't really have an opinion on it.

Back to the flat and I discover our flatmates have left mince meat bathing in it's own blood in the fridge.

One more essay to do 'till i'm free!

The following events are major distractions that occured in one week.
Back to the flat means micro-pizza and beer for dinner.

Josiah explaining some sort of story in the Rigg.

I decided gambling would be more fun than listening to Josiah, and won £10 (£2 went towards the drink) from £2 starting bet. Of course, I lost a further £5 after this then called it quits.

The following day, Kieren came round to distract us.

This book is about Kieren. Seriously, Meg (his girfriend's) Dad wrote it.

Fakie tre there on the back.

Check it out, me and Clark are in it. Sort of. Even though Clark isn't tall and I don't have red shoes. But we were there. Anyway Kieren quits skating in the end to play cricket. Hahahahaha!

Novelty named drinks distracted us further.

Bean toastie anyone?

At midninght, on the day of deadline, it wasn't funny anymore. Basi did an all nighter and wrote 3 essays.

I finished mine in the morning. FREEDOM!

I bought this all time classic WWE hell in a cell DVD to celebrate.

Basi bought a loaf of bread with a slither of veggie burger from Weatherspoons.

Since I still have 2 weeks before Uni starts again, I came back to Leicester.
It's easy to tell that Mike was one of those gay kids that not only had a yoyo, but was actually good at it too.

Talman drove to the Meridian to go bowling but all the lanes were full. So he drove back again.


Talman finally got a source of music in his car.

We went back the next day, safe.

After getting a score of nothing in my first 2 goes, I got 3 strikes in a row and won!

It went all pointlessly dark.

Talman won the second game. Basi lost miserably.

And this is the story of my last 5 days in Leicester. It dried on the last day, but I can't get the footage off because the tape broke. But you know, soul skating and all that.

Mum drove me back to McLaren. Thanks Mum.

Classic coffee stop.

Basi seemed to have made a 'tit wall' in my absence.

I aint complaining.

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